Abbott says relatives of Chapo and members of Sinaloa participate in drug trafficking in Chile

The national prosecutor, Jorge Abbott, said that the Public Ministry has identified people related to the Sinaloa cartel and relatives of Chapo Guzmán as participants in drug trafficking in Chile. The information is from Marilyn Jara from Radio Bío Bío in Puerto Montt.

The development of drug trafficking in Chile has had a sustained growth in recent years.

And that is not denied by the national prosecutor Jorge Abbott, especially in the transit of marijuana and cocaine, but also in consumption.

Understanding this reality, and consulted during the public account of the Prosecutor’s Office in Puerto Montt, Abbott pointed out that they are claiming for their participation in these crimes close relatives of Chapo Guzmán and people related to the Sinaloa Cartel.

The head of the prosecution body expressed concern about the presence of drug trafficking in the country.

For this reason, it expressed its commitment to prevent the entry of these substances and prevent the growth of the market.

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