A trans woman was stabbed to death and the body was found half naked next to a bed

In a mysterious and macabre event that was discovered this Thursday in the Buenos Aires town of Béccar, a trans woman was found stabbed to death, half naked and in an advanced state of decomposition, inside a house. The police authorities are trying to establish if the victim was a man who rented the property and who had a history of gender violence.

Spokesmen for the judicial department of San Isidro revealed to cronica.com.ar that the discovery took place the day before, when the members of the party’s Patrol Command (CP) received a complaint to the 911 emergency telephone number, which referred to a person who was possibly deceased inside a farm located in America at 2400, almost at the junction with Gobernador Udaondo, in the aforementioned district, in the north of the provincial suburbs.

According to what was indicated by the informants, upon arrival at the home, the uniformed men found the lifeless body, in a state of putrefaction, of an individual, around 45 years old, robust and bald, 1.80 meters tall, who She was wearing a wig with black curlers and also women’s clothing (a pair of red fishnet stockings and a corset).

It transpired that the corpse lay half naked and lying face down, on the side of a bed, in one of the rooms.

Experts from the San Isidro Delegation of the Scientific Police, upon reviewing the deceased, determined that he had at least three accurate stab wounds in the region of his back.

Public servants assigned to the Béccar police station (5th of San Isidro) spoke with a woman of Spanish nationality, who claimed to be the owner of said house and that she rented it to a man named Maximiliano Daniel, although he could not recognize the corpse, as a result of the great state of decomposition.

In this regard, the police officers of the section determined that Maximiliano Daniel had a history of gender violence and that for this reason the officials of the Morón Family Court had issued a perimeter restriction due to a file opened in 2019.

Meanwhile, some residents of the neighborhood asserted that the last time they had seen this man in the area had been on Tuesday.

He intervened in the file, which was initially labeled “Investigation of causes of death” and that later, based on the expert opinions, it was recalled “Homicide”, the doctor Carolina Asprella, prosecutor of the courts of San Isidro.

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