A teenager reported the attempted kidnapping of her daughter, but it was a lie

This Thursday at 8, personnel from the Sáenz Peña Investigations Division learned about the alleged case of a teenage girl, who had suffered an attempted kidnapping in the company of her daughter, under one year old, by unknown persons who were traveling in a van traffic type, white.

The 16-year-old made it known that she was walking down Calle 39 and 44 in the San Martín de Sáenz Peña neighborhood, carrying her daughter, under one year old, with her in her arms, when she heard a vehicle approaching. There, he observed that it was a white, van model, trafic-type vehicle, ignoring the patent, in good condition, also noting that the windshield was damaged.

The letter indicated that, in a surprising way, this shot stopped at the place, from which a man with a robust physical build, dark-haired, short dark hair, a blue shirt, blue jean pants, with a blue disposable chinstrap descended. He himself said: “Give me your daughter, give me your daughter”, noting the characteristic Buenos Aires tone. The individual hugged his daughter to take her off his arm, starting a struggle and shouting for help, not achieving his mission, and then fleeing.

The officers carried out a survey of security cameras of the place, not seeing any shot of similar characteristics circulating through the area, as mentioned by the minor.

Later, in dialogue with her about what happened and previously narrated, The young woman began to be nervous and then began to cry, since her answers to several questions related to the event were wrong and wrong. At one point, he went bankrupt and confirmed the falsehood of the news, assuming that he has relationship problems with an elderly person and the father of his daughter, wanting to withdraw from the address where he would reside.

Intervention was given to the prosecutor on duty, the Comprehensive Protection Unit and the police doctor on duty, diagnosing that the adolescent and her little girl had not recently seen visible physical injuries.

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