A taxi and a taxi collided and one of the drivers was knocked unconscious

Three people had to be treated by health personnel after being involved in a traffic accident between two rental vehicles.

The event took place around the last midnight, at the intersection of Tierra del Fuego and Libertad.

One of the cars involved was a Chevrolet Prisma, domain AA784TZ, driven by 42-year-old Oscar Peralta. The passenger Isabela Arias, 26, was traveling with him.

While the other was a Toyota Etios, patent AE271SM, from the Taxi Ya company, under the command of 48-year-old Mauro Morandi. As passengers were María Noel Copeiro, 43, and Morena Apolo, 18.

The members of the first vehicle were treated and taken to a hospital: the unconscious driver and the passenger with a cervical trauma.

Meanwhile, from the second vehicle, Copeiro was treated on the spot without the need for a transfer.

Two ambulances from the Siempre emergency service, Ingeniero White’s firefighters, police personnel, traffic control personnel and the Civil Defense guard worked at the scene.

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