A rock cat sings Led Zeppelin and Ozzy Osbourne classics

We do not believe that ever in the history of mankind, someone will have the right to say that the internet is boring. Much less if we consider that recently through TikTok, a “rocker” cat has gone viral after singing classics from Led Zeppelin & Ozzy Osbourne.

But let’s stop for a second; if what they are waiting for is a cat that actually sings like Robert Plant u OzzyWell, no, they are wrong. What yes, is that Narutobravoo, the user in TikTok who made these videos, managed to create some fun little audiovisual excerpts in which, with a bit of editing and chord changes, his cat, whom he had previously recorded meowing into a microphone, seems to interpret the introduction of “Immigrant Song” Y “Crazy train”.

While this is one of those fun little things that the internet sometimes has to offer us, it’s no surprise that we’ve gotten to this deep part of TikTok considering that the platform reported in 2021 to have 1 billion users.

It’s not necessarily the most entertaining thing in the world, but a kitten is a kitten on the internet and for that alone it’s worth appreciating.

Do you want to see it? Check it out here:

@kparz #duet with @narutobravoo ♬ original sound – Narutobravoo
@kparz #duet with @narutobravoo #cat #duet #lespaul #ledzeppelin #music #fyp ♬ original sound – Narutobravoo

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