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But now Joel wanted to prove himself alone, before a different staging. And he did not fail in the attempt. The brilliant producer was faced with the challenge of bringing to the cinema a new version of a William Shakespeare classic which he called The tragedy of Macbeth.

It was filmed in black and white, in a square format, and is now available on the Apple TV + streaming platform.

The initial idea was to direct a Macbeth theater piece, but then they thought that it would be interesting to wrap it with the soul of cinema, yes, without breaking the scenic parameters that identify more a montage on a stage than a film production.

Washington is a quiet, introspective Macbeth, who allows herself to be dominated by a reckless and relentless Frances McDormand who has her own internal battles and great frustration at not being able to be a mother.

But the major aesthetic references of Joel Coen were more linked to directors like Carl Theodor Dryer, for his film The passion of Joan of Arc (1928), and FW Mur-nau, the creator of the classic Nosferatu. A) Yes, Macbeth’s tragedy it offers a frigid nightmare atmosphere and a terrifying and highly contrasted texture.

The film also stars Stefan Dechant, art director for Avatar, in production design. The cast includes Brendan Gleeson, as King Duncan, who precedes Macbeth on the throne; Alex Hassell is Ross; Corey Hawkins, in the skin of Macduff; Harry Melling is Malcolm, and Miles Anderson is Lennox.

“Everything has the intoxicating clarity of a nightmare. The surprise, at least for me, is that the images of the film are tremendously sensual, witty, expressive and enveloping, “said Owen Gleiberman, from the magazine Variety.

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