A new increase was agreed for the staff of private homes

The Ministry of Labor of the Nation reported that a new increase was agreed for workers in private homes. It will be 6% in November and 2% is added to 5% in December. In this way, the annual accumulated goes from 42 to 50%.

The decision was made in the framework of a new meeting of the Salary Council for Private House Workers at the headquarters of the portfolio and a new review was established for March 2022. The Union of the Auxiliary Personnel of Private Houses (Upacp), Among other unions, he had made a request in writing to consider the comparison with the minimum, vital and mobile salary established by the Commission of the Minimum Vital and Mobile Salary.

Last June there was an increase of 13%, 12% in September and now 6% is added in November not initially foreseen and the increase of 5% in December rises to 7%. For March 2022, a rise of 12% remains unchanged.

At the moment there are not the minimum values ​​in which each category will remain. Those in force today are the following:

The first category, corresponding to “Supervisor”, who coordinates and controls the tasks carried out by two or more people under her charge, has a minimum salary of $ 34,910 (with retirement) and of $ 38,886 (without retirement). The hourly pay is $ 273.50 and $ 306, respectively.

The second category, which includes “Personnel for specific tasks”, such as cooks hired exclusively to carry out said work, and all other household tasks that require special suitability of the personnel to carry it out, has a provisional minimum salary of $ 32,433 ( with withdrawal) and $ 36,104 (without withdrawal). Per hour, meanwhile, they charge $ 264.50 and $ 290, respectively.

In the third category, “Homemakers”, which includes the personnel who provide tasks inherent to the general care and preservation of a home where they live due to the employment contract, the minimum salary is $ 31,644 (per hour, $ 249.5) . Likewise, in the fourth category, “Assistance and care of people”, which includes non-therapeutic care and assistance, the provisional minimum wage is $ 31,644 (with retirement) and $ 35,264 (without retirement). The hourly pay is $ 249.50 and $ 279.50 respectively.

On the other hand, in the fifth category, “Personnel for general tasks”, which include the provision of cleaning, washing, ironing, maintenance, preparation and cooking of meals and, in general, all other typical household tasks, the monthly payment minimum is $ 28,457 (with withdrawal) and $ 31,644 (without withdrawal). Per hour, meanwhile, $ 231.50 and $ 249.50 are paid respectively.

For “unfavorable areas” an additional equivalent to 30% is added on the minimum wages of each category. It is applicable to the areas of La Pampa, Río Negro, Chubut, Neuquén, Santa Cruz, Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and the South Atlantic Islands and the municipality of Patagones in the province of Buenos Aires.

In addition, since September, the additional for seniority applies, which is equivalent to 1% of salary for each year of work in a household.

As there is no backward effect, if the employment relationship started 4 or 5 years ago, for example, the obligation is now to pay 1%. And then yes, every time a new year is fulfilled, another 1% is added, without a time limit.

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