A man was stabbed to death in the Alameda

The crime occurred around 1 on Wednesday in Calle San Martín and Córdoba, City, where Garcia had a confrontation with one or two men. At least one of them stabbed him in the neck, head and chest.

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The crime occurred in the middle of a street fight between the two men in the heart of Alameda, in Ciudad.

When the victim fell to the ground, the author escaped immediately from the place. A few minutes later, the Police and an ambulance from the Coordinated Emergency Service arrived, and they found that the man was lifeless.

Through the security cameras they captured the moment of the event and They saw that one of the possible murderers had escaped through Calle San Martín to the north until he reached Pedro del Castillo Square.

He was recognized as a man of fertility in the Alameda area, who has a physical disability in one of his legs and is very conflictive.

The troops who continued their search, and after 2.30 They captured the alleged car in San Martín y Ameghino street, in Las Heras, where They kidnapped a metal bar and a 10-centimeter knife with blood stains. Furthermore, he had his right hand injured.

The 39-year-old detainee was transferred to the Central Hospital and then to Police Station 13, where he was at the disposal of the Tax Office No. 4, and intervention was given to the Homicide prosecutor Claudia Ríos.

The inquiries continued the investigation and they believe there might be another man who participated in the deadly brawl, but he was not yet caught.

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