A kinesiologist abused a patient in a vegetative state

One kinesiologist it was arrested in the last hours after it was recorded by a security camera While abused a patient in vegetative state at a medical facility in the town of William Morris, in Hurlingham.

It all happened on last December 30 last year, around noon in the rehabilitation centerSaint John of God”, located on Pedro Díaz Avenue at 3,300 of the aforementioned city, according to the judicial file.

the processed, Mariano Rafael Delgado, who is free, was denounced by the authorities of the clinic after they corroborated the records captured by the security cameras.

The video shows how kinesiologist simulates performing therapeutic functions. Then he closes the curtains, turns off the lights in the room and takes advantage of the girl’s state. The patient suffers from aftermath of a suicide attempt after shooting himself in the head and being in a state of unconsciousness permanent for the injuries he sustained, with tracheostomy and nasogastric tubes, without any ability to defend themselves.

The complaint was made by medical director of the health facility, who also contributed all evidence to advance the case.

As can be seen in the video, he touched her breasts at least five times, a fact that constituted for the victim, according to the judicial qualification, a submission “gravely outrageous”.

As a result of the evidence gathered in the file, the Prosecutor Marisa Monti, from UFI No. 5 of Morón, requested the Court of Guarantees No. 6, interim in charge of the judge Laura Pinto, the raid on the subject’s home, which was granted.

Delgado was apprehended in his home and later released by order of the magistrate involved in the case, despite the fact that he is a arrestable offence, which carries a sentence of four to ten years in prison. Strictly speaking, the magistrate considered that the evidence is sufficient for the subject is brought to trial and there are no procedural risks: You can arrive at trial in freedom, with a restriction on approaching the victim and his family.

In addition, it is expected that the Association of Kinesiologists take action on the matter for the analysis of the behavior of the accused.

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