A deputy from the Frente de Todos presented a project to raise wages by decree

Marcelo Casaretto, national deputy.

After the hard electoral defeat of the Frente de Todos in the PASO last Sunday, the official national deputy Marcelo Casaretto presented a bill on Tuesday to raise wages by decree.

The rule would affect staff in a dependency relationship in both the public and private sectors, and the increases would be accounted for “on account of the joint negotiations carried out or to be carried out.”

“I presented a project in Congress to grant a minimum and uniform salary increase for all workers in a relationship of dependency of the public sector and the private sector, on account of the salary increases agreed in parity for the following months,” wrote Casaretto On twitter.

“The idea is to recover the purchasing power of workers’ wages and to sustain the reactivation of the economy underway. The measure was already taken at the beginning of the Alberto Fernández government by decree 14/2020, improving wages,” he explained .

Casaretto explained that it will be President Alberto Fernández who “must define the amount of the increase, taking into account the situation of SMEs and critical sectors,” and referred to the numbers presented by the Deputy Chief of Staff, Cecilia Todesca, for which salaries current are “at the 2019 level”.

“Monthly inflation is falling, and salaries are gradually increasing, but it is necessary to anticipate increases expected for the following months,” added the deputy.

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