4 Bengal tigers are born in Mexico, an endangered species

The Guadalajara Zoo have 4 new babies on board, it is about bengal tiger dogs that were born on July 3 but are just being presented to the public.

The two females and the two males are raised by their mother Chitara and in a few months they already eat shredded chicken supplementing their mother’s milk. This is the first litter of Chitara, who always takes care of her young and enjoys playing with them.

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The father, Albert, only fulfilled the mating function, since the males of this species are very territorial and have to be separated from the young.

For two years the little tigers will be under the shelter of their mother. They will then be separated to search for their own territory.

Females are the most mischievous and trusting, but males are reserved and shy.

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Currently the Bengal tiger is an endangered species due to habitat destruction and hunting, with humans being its only predator.

In the wild there are very few that exist, the Zoos are the ones that have managed to reproduce and thus be able to perpetuate the species.


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