11 years after La Batalla de Santiago by Rage Against The Machine

That 2010 was not easy. The country was rising from one of the largest earthquakes in history, but they had good omens. Chile returned to play a soccer world cup after having done it in 1998 at the French event; Piñera’s arrival as President of the Republic marked the return of the right to La Moneda after more than 50 years; but this itself gave the starting point for what would be the student revolution. The streets were filled, public education became a priority; the figures for the economy could wait; Chile was beginning to build society.

October 11 of that year would also be a unique appointment and for the almost 20 thousand attendees who were that night it would be one of the most spectacular concerts that have passed through Chile. Something like those who saw Metallica in 1993; Guns N ‘Roses in 1992; or Carlos Santana in that mythical show at the Intercommunal Park that same year.

Rage Against The Machine debuted in Chile and from the beginning it was known that it would be the Battle of Santiago. A show scheduled with a VIP court? Bad idea. The public was in the streets, there was no fear of authority; and when injustice was planted in your face, all that remained was to fight it and that’s how it was, hundreds of fans passed the fence and did not accept this division that had no place whatsoever for a show like this.

“Testify”, “Bombtrack”, “Know Your Enemy”, “Bulls On Parade”, “Guerrilla Radio”, “Freedom”, “Killing In The Name” and a version of “Canción de Minero” by Víctor Jara were some of the gusts that swept through a warm Santiago night. Rock, anger and power on and under the stage, so much so that a long time later Tom Morello would recognize that night as one of the best and most intense in the history of music. band.

It was a day like eight years ago. Santiago got up, Santiago woke up, Santiago took to the streets and demanded the impossible and Rage Against The Machine put the music in the background in what would remain forever as the Battle of Santiago.

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