10 phrases that do not lose validity

David Bowie He is an absolute icon of music, film, fashion, and even politics.

The musical genius left this plane six years ago, but his immense legacy lives on.

These famous phrases from David Bowie They remind us of the great need that he does, and that he is one of those artists that will be kept in mind for a long time.

Some quotes from David Bowie that are more current than ever:

About art:

«I don’t see any boundary between any of the art forms. I think they all relate completely. “

“There are half a dozen themes that I come back to over and over again… and that doesn’t bother me. Most of my favorite writers do that: hunt down the same topic, but each time from different directions. “

About modes of expression:

«There, in the chords and melodies, is everything I want to say. Words just make it more joyous. It has always been my way of expressing what, for me, is inexpressible by any other means. “

On losing the fear of experimenting:

“When I was a teenager, I was painfully shy, withdrawn. I really didn’t have the guts to sing my songs on stage, and no one else was. I decided to do it in disguise so I wouldn’t have to go through the humiliation of going on stage and being myself. “

David Bowie Londres

On his passion for music:

«Looking for music is like looking for God. They are very similar. There is an effort to recover the unspeakable, the unspeakable, the invisible, the enigmatic … all those things become being a composer and writing music and looking for notes and pieces of musical information that do not exist.

On the opinion of others:

“I’m just a person who doesn’t feel the need for someone to rate their work in any particular way. I am working for myself »

«All my big mistakes happen when I try to guess or please an audience. My work is always stronger when I become very selfish »

David Bowie

About himself:

“It always amazes me that people take what I say seriously. I don’t even take who I am seriously. “

“For me, the world that I actually live in is probably a very different world from what people expect me to be.”

“I always had the repulsive need to be more than human. I felt very insignificant. So I thought, ‘Screw it. I want to be a superhuman.

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