Ziemiak: The party congress will re-elect the entire federal executive board

DThe CDU wants to re-elect the entire federal executive committee at a party congress after its historic disaster in the federal election. This was decided unanimously, said CDU General Secretary Paul Ziemiak on Monday after deliberations of the top committees in Berlin.

Ziemiak said Germany and the Union are facing major challenges. “It’s about the question: Who is leading this country?” As the runner-up, the Union made an offer to lead Germany. Now the traffic light soundings were running. But the offer of the Union remains. “It’s about starting the renewal process now and realigning ourselves.”

There will be a conference of district chairpersons on October 30th, at which the question of more membership will be discussed. Ziemiak said: “We know that more membership will be needed in the future.” On November 2nd, in the light of this discussion, they wanted to come together and decide how the members should be involved, Ziemiak continued. Ziemiak described the district chairperson’s conference as a “milestone” for the question of how things will go next.

The CDU will “work on this result,” said Ziemiak. To this end, he presented a bundle of measures. There will be formats in the regional associations, a commission to analyze the election campaign and the election results, talks with successful direct candidates and those who were unsuccessful. In addition, external parties should be involved.

Ziemiak also announced a so-called Eastern Conference. “The election results in the east in particular pose great challenges for us,” explained the CDU Secretary General. Everything has to be on the table, said Ziemiak. Results should be available by the end of the year.

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