Zero accounts: the problem that alarmed the clients of a well-known bank

a trouble technical generated panic among the clients of the Banco Galicia what did their zero counts during some hours of Tuesday morning.

The error alarmed to customers who entered homebanking both through the website and through the bank’s app. The complaints multiplied on social networks, where hundreds of users complained about the situation.

The trouble technician was fixed around 3pm when users could finally see the balance correct in their accounts in pesos and dollars.

The error surprised Banco Galicia customers.

From the bank they warned that it was a trouble technician linked to the migration of systems that they carried out during the long weekend. The bank had notified its clients of the changes they would make to the platform.

Many accounts showed zero balance.

“The implementation presented an issue today that was immediately reported to the Central Bank and was resolved in a period of approximately two hours,” they indicated from the Banco Galicia.

The trouble technical generated panic among the bank’s clients for several hours. “What about Banco Galicia?”, “My balance is zero”, “Does anyone have a problem with Banco Galicia?” Were some of the comments that multiplied on social networks.


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