Yvelines: a competition to make children aware of the importance of pollinating insects

As every year, the Yvelines Environnement association is launching a new competition on the theme of pollinating insects, intended for young children. Committed for years to the protection of nature, she carries out an educational project, in order to make them aware of environmental issues.

Held for three months, open from January 6 until April 6, this competition is open to all children aged 3 to 15, on condition that they live or are educated in the Yvelines department. .

They can now participate individually, with their class or with friends.

All schools from kindergarten to college, leisure centers as well as residential homes in the department are therefore invited to support their children in this process.

A grid of words to illustrate with a drawing

And to participate, they will have to fill in the word grid on the entry forms, which will be sent to them by email or distributed to schools, colleges and recreation centers. Namely that this one is also available on the association’s website.

After completing this grid, they must absolutely illustrate the following theme: “Our friends, pollinating insects” via a drawing and / or a model less than 25 cm high. And the rules to be followed are strict: only a grid perfectly made without fault, accompanied by a drawing or a panel, will be considered admissible. The form supplied with the grid must also be duly completed.

Nearly a thousand young Yvelinois take part in this great game each year, which finally comes to an end with a major awards ceremony that will take place this year on May 17, at the Palais des Congrès in Versailles (78). There, the winners will receive gifts such as books or vouchers for environmental-themed field trips.

These can notably take place in one of the cultural establishments that are partners of the event, including the Saint-Quentin nature reserve, the Ferme du Manet, the Bergerie nationale de Rambouillet or the Zoological Park of Thoiry.

Bees are an endangered species

“We want to make young people responsible for their environment and encourage them, as well as their teachers and educators, to work collectively around this theme,” said Christine-Françoise Jeanneret, President of Yvelines Environment. a few years old, thus explaining her approach which has pushed her to relaunch this competition every year for more than thirty years.

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