Yuya’s brother gets tattoos in honor of his twins

CUERNAVACA.- A couple of weeks ago the unfortunate news was released that Yuya’s brother, Sergio Castrejón and his wife Paola Poulain, had lost their children, after having had a long process to be able to be parents.

Pao best known for her followers, had to be rushed to hospital due to a kidney infection, Due to this situation, they had to perform a cesarean section to be able to deliver their babies, at week 27 of their pregnancy.

The couple made the whole situation known through their YouTube channel and left see devastated by the difficult moments they have lived in recent months, they are still trying to get on with their lives, after the loss of their children.

However Sergio better known as “Fichis” published on his Instagram account the tattoo drawing that will be made in honor of their children, in order to always have them with them.

In the image you can see a pair of footprints, consisting of the feet of their babies, It is the image that they usually make to babies right after their birth and to keep them in mind they chose to do it that way.

The little mark of our little angels ”can be read in the image.

The followers of both ‘YouTubers’ sent their good wishes and expressions of affection for everything they are experiencing: “That great miracle will come”, “I love my precious children”, “how cute”, “I’m very sorry and I hope you find peace”, are some of the comments that can be read.

Despite the sadness that Sergio and Paola are experiencing, both have expressed themselves on their social networks where they have made it clear that They are doing everything on their part to be able to come out ahead.

How did Yuya react to the loss of his nephews?

Yuya is one of the most important YouTubers’ in the country and has been characterized as a person very close to her family, including her and her brother, Sergio, who had their own channel on the platform.

That is why this situation obviously affected him and in his social networks he dedicated an emotional message: “Somehow, sometime, somewhere, maybe in another life, we will meet again,” Yuya wrote.

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