Yuya publishes the first photograph of her baby Mar

Yuya he is so happy after the little one came into his life Mar, and it is that this whole process of pregnancy and the birth of her baby filled her with many emotions because it was something unknown but very stimulating for her, so much so that she wanted to share many of the moments of this new stage.

As we remember, the little Sea came the past September 29th And since then Yuya cannot handle the joy and all the new emotions that this stage of motherhood represents for which no one prepares you, but rather you learn along the way and make mistakes, worrying, but also enjoying a lot.

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And since this process internet celebrity He shared it with all his fans, many have been writing to him and asked how they are, in addition to being eager to meet his baby, so Yuya decided to share the first photograph of his son, through his Instagram account .

In the image we can see Mar’s small and fragile hand while wearing a blue romper, so the youtuber also expressed through her Instagram stories that both she and her partner, Siddhartha, are always receiving good energy from their followers and that he appreciated.

Hence Mariand Castrejón CastañedaHe also commented that the people who love them have been accompanying them in the distance, but that the energy that they have radiated has made this moment of the first days at home with Mar really special and beautiful.

Likewise, Yuya dedicated some tender words to her followers as she sent them a pampering and told them that she, Siddhartha and Mar send them love to where they are, in addition to their infinite thanks for passing this process of motherhood by their side, which to Sometimes it can be scary.

Sea on land and me in clouds

Yuya She has also expressed that she feels in the clouds with all the love she feels for this little being that she now has in her arms, which she has decided to name as Mar because for her, that little being is immensity, just like the seas that exist. on earth, that give life and that are beautiful.

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The funny thing is that the little Sea was born just on the World Day of the Seas, that is, on September 29, a commemoration that seeks to make people aware of the entire portion of salt water that exists in our world and its care, since within he has life and his care generates a better life for us.

Yuya publishes the first photo of her baby Mar

Perhaps this is precisely why Yuya She decided to name her baby that way and although we still do not know her face, we do not doubt that at the time the influencer will share a first glimpse of the little one who has stolen her love and her dream.

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