Yunior Garcia: "I want Cuba to be the nation to which everyone can return and from which no one wants to leave"

Cuban actor and playwright Yunior Garcia AguileraPromoter of the march called by the Archipelago group for November 15, said Thursday that he wants a Cuba “to which everyone can return whenever they want, think how they think, and from which no one else wants to leave.”

In a text posted on Facebook, the young artist – who is currently the center of the Cuban regime’s defamatory campaign against those who called for the so-called “Civic March for Change” – said that this year the country will be 70 years without democracy, and made an analysis of what life has been on the island during these decades.

“My parents have never been able to freely choose their ideology, their party or their president. They have had to resign themselves to the decision of others and have had to ratify those decisions to avoid looking for problems. In Cuba, unfortunately, keeping quiet about what we think is seen by many as a sign of intelligence, they always ask us to wait for a “moment” and a “place” that never really comes.

He continued: “Almost my entire generation grew up hearing the phrase:” for your sake, speak softly. “Most of my friends have already left the country and others dream of doing so soon. I don’t want my phone to be recharged or sent a pair of shoes. I want Cuba to be the nation to which everyone can return whenever they want, think how they think, and from which no one else wants to leave. “

García Aguilera, who despite the government’s refusal of the protest assures that it will come out on November 15 to demonstrate, said that “the single thought, censorship and political persecution have been the daily bread for any Cuban who does not submit to the control of the mayorales “, and that the island’s inhabitants are” survivors of an unfinished war, in which we were neither victors nor defeated, only hostages of an outdated dogma, of a clan of officials clinging to power already his privileges, from a whim propped up with Russian-made rifles. “

On November 15, he confirmed that that day Cubans “will march without hatred”, because they will be “conquering a right that has never been respected in 62 years of dictatorship, but we are going to conquer it with civility.”

“Everyone will be looking towards Cuba that day. We know that power plays dirty, that it gives orders to fight against its own people, that it lies to our faces, that it would even be capable of infiltrating its paramilitaries in the march to generate violence. and blame us. Each citizen must be responsible for their conduct and defend the peaceful and firm attitude that we have called, “he stressed.

“November 15 can and should be a beautiful day. Wherever a Cuban lives, we know that his heart will be in Cuba. I hope that the powerful do not insist on behaving in a cowardly way against their own citizens. Do not repeat the crime of July 11. I hope that officers and soldiers understand that there is no honor in obeying immoral orders. I also hope that no foreign power interferes in a matter that we must resolve with true sovereignty, that of the citizens, “said the playwright.

In his message he also recognizes some achievements of the Cuban Revolution, and affirms that not everything has been gray. However, it was questioned what are the gratuities if they are going to blackmail the population with them later.

“What is the value of my education if then they forbid me to think with my own mind? Many slaves also learned to read. And they did not pay with money for their little corner in the barracks or their lunch, they paid for it with obedience and with the sweat of their backs. Yes to some it occurred to him to demand a change of regime, the whip, the stocks and the shackle awaited him with certainty, “he wrote.

The young Cuban indicates that his pronouncement is made in a context marked by a “cowardly campaign of lies against me and against the organizers of the march. “

“The baseness is such that they have cut off our Internet services so that we cannot even defend ourselves from our networks. But I am not going to victimize myself. Cuban ingenuity also knows how to circumvent these internal blocks. My only concern was my parents. It hurts, I know how much they fear, but I also know that they know their son. Both have overcome the fear and have called me just to tell me to be strong, and that they are proud, “he commented.

García Aguilera, who was already arrested in the demonstrations on July 11 in Havana, asked the Cuban government “to stop the lynching against any Cuban who honestly defends his principles, regardless of political color. for the good of all, “we are serious,” he insisted.

“Let’s bet on courage, dignity and frankness. It is time to say what we think aloud,” he concluded.

The important Cuban playwright delivered a notification to the government of the City of Havana a little over a month ago, indicating to the authorities that he and a group of citizens had the intention of marching peacefully on November 20. Almost a dozen provinces joined the initiative.

However, after announcing that it would militarize the streets that day, the regime issued a letter in all localities of the country rejecting the march and considering it illegitimate.

When García Aguilera went to receive the Government’s response, he found an act of repudiation at the headquarters of the Assembly of People’s Power in Old Havana.

The young man was surrounded by several women who carried a paper with the phrase “NED You do not represent us” and the dollar symbol, alluding to the old and worn accusation of the government that the young man is a mercenary paid by the National Foundation for the Democracy (NED).

He also manipulated photos of the artist in an attempt to link him to the United States. The official blog Reasons of Cuba, one of the main promoters of the public killings of independent activists, journalists and artists on the island, published a series of manipulated photos of the playwright to expose him, without any proof, as a “mercenary paid by the empire.”

With crude montages of a photo of an interview that the playwright gave to the independent medium Neighborhood JournalismAfter the events of 11J, the aforementioned blog has exposed the activist as Superman, Cuervo, Diablo with the repeated manipulative message that he is in the service of the US government.

Despite the threats, the artist has confirmed that on November 15, Cubans will take to the streets because it is a constitutional right that must be reconquered. The call for the peaceful protest was made through the Archipelago group, a virtual platform that has more than 25,000 members.

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