YPF and Filmus, without the provinces, advance in lithium projects with Bolivia

Despite the insistence of the governors of Salta, Jujuy and Catamarca that natural resources come from the provinces, the creation of a Lithium Table and the Lithium Mining Region where YPF and the Ministry of Science and Technology were invited , it seems that things are not very clear.

This is because in order to continue and deepen the common agenda of exchange and scientific-technological development in the field of lithium research, they held a virtual meeting yesterday, the Minister of Science, Daniel Filmus and his counterpart from the Ministry of Hydrocarbons and Energy of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, Franklin Molina Ortiz. The provinces that own and produce lithium did not take part in this meeting.

“Promoting energy sovereignty, providing added value to our natural resources and deepening joint work is a substantial part of our agenda with Bolivia, but also are the instructions that President Alberto Fernández gave me when taking over this portfolio”. “We then work towards generating our own technological developments and guaranteeing the energy transition”, stated Filmus.

The meeting also served to continue outlining the framework agreement between Y-TEC (YPF’s technology company) and YLB (Yacimientos de Litio Bolivianos Corporación) and in the formation of the Andean Center for Cooperation in lithium.

The statement says that Argentina and Bolivia are exporters of primary inputs such as unrefined lithium carbonate, seeking to become industrializers of the lithium value chain.

This meeting organized by national officials ignored the participation of the governors of Salta Gustavo Sáenz, Catamarca Raúl Jalil and Jujuy Gerardo Morales, who constituted the Lithium Mining Region, a natural territorial area of ​​the country to jointly develop the economic and social aspects derived from research, extraction, production, industrialization and commercialization of the resource and its products and derivatives.

Let us remember that during the meeting held in El Rodeo, Catamarca province a short time ago, the Minister of Science and Technology Daniel Filmus, the national secretaries of Mining Alberto Hensel and of the Provinces Silvina Batakis and the president of the board of YPF Pablo González were invited . But the latter did not invite the provinces in their meeting with Bolivian officials.

Could it be that the Nation will insist on keeping the mining resources of the provinces?

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