Young people will receive a voucher of $ 5,000 to go to the cinema, the theater or a recital

It seems that the theme is youth vote search. Just as the Buenos Aires governor Axel Kicillof subsidizes part of the graduates’ trip, now the National Government announced that it will grant a sum of $ 5,000 for young people between 18 and 24 years old, with the intention of promoting “the consumption of cultural goods and services“in that age group.

This was established through Resolution 1499/2021 of the Ministry of Culture, published this Thursday in the Official Gazette with the signature of Tristán Bauer and which is part of the program “More Youth Culture“.

This bonus that may be used between November 1, 2021 and April 30, 2022 for movie theaters, theaters, music shows, trade shows and festivals and it was launched at a time when the controversy over the Buenos Aires government’s decision to subsidize trips for graduates to high school students is still ongoing.

The annex to the regulation clarifies that the Recipients of the plan are the beneficiaries of the Student Support Program of Argentina (PROGRESAR), the holders of the Universal Allowance for Child and Pregnancy, provided they are between 18 and 24 years of age, and also those who receive non-contributory disability pensions, provided they are within the age range.

It was clarified that people outside of that age group can enroll in the program and who receive the Progress program in some of its different exceptional modalities, that is to say: “young people with minor dependent children in single-parent homes, trans people, native peoples, people with disabilities and refugees”.

The recipients are the beneficiaries of PROGRESAR, the holders of the AUH and by Pregnancy, provided they are between 18 and 24 years of age.

It was indicated that in this first stage of the plan, the beneficiaries They will be able to use the credit in movie theaters, theaters, musical shows, fairs and festivals. They can also use it to buy access and / or tickets online for museums, spaces, centers and / or cultural circuits or corridors, bookstores, record stores, galleries and spaces associated with the visual arts, enrollment in courses, seminars, workshops or other related training instances to culture.

For the application of this program, the National Social Security Administration (ANSeS), will validate the membership of the enrollees to the target population, while the National Bank, which will issue prepaid cards in which the subsidy will be deposited.

If an improper use of the credit granted is detected, the holder of the benefit will be notified.

The latest National Survey of Cultural Consumption prepared by SINCA (Argentine Cultural Information System) revealed that young people with greater purchasing power and socioeconomic status participate and attend cultural events in much higher proportions than those whose socioeconomic situation presents greater vulnerability.

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