Young man stabbed: “He yelled for help and told his girlfriend that he did not want to die”

For these hours the 19-year-old stabbed in Cerro San Bernardo in a violent robbery, is torn between life and death, both his family and justice reported that his condition is serious and reserved, one of his uncles recounted with total helplessness what he had experienced.

“I feel helpless, having heard how it was, everything that happened to my nephew, I don’t know what happens to Salta, insecurity everywhere, now it’s up to us to go through this”, He told in dialogue with QPS.

They pray to God that the young man recovers and the medical reports await at the doors of the hospital “as uncle I am devastated, we are waiting praying that it evolves well, I have a lot of helplessness ”.

He complained about the justice of Salta, “The security here, the justice, is a disaster, They robbed me, I grabbed the thieves and beat them and they arrested me, it’s crazy, very disappointing ”.

Crying, anguished and desperate, he said that his nephew is a “very cool boy, friend, partner, respectful, I can’t believe we’re going through this, It broke my heart to hear that he cried out for help from his girlfriend because he did not want to die, I have an impotence I thought I was strong but this overwhelms me, and it could have been prevented ”.

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