Young man ends up stabbed after dancing in the ejido of Gómez Palacio

In a dance held in the Bucareli ejido of Gómez Palacio, a young man ends up stabbed; his attacker managed to flee before the arrival of the authorities. It all happened around 3:00 a.m. on Sunday, when 25-year-old José Alfredo was at the dance held in the main square of the town of his residence when he started a fight among those present, at which time one of those involved took out a knife from under his clothes and stabbed José Alfredo in the stomach and then fled to an unknown destination.

Relatives of the injured man aboard a private vehicle took him to the emergency area of ​​Clinic number 51 of the Mexican Social Security Institute, located in the Fidel Velázquez de Gómez Palacio neighborhood, where the young man was under specialized medical observation, reporting a condition delicate health.

The medical personnel informed the authorities about the entry of José Alfredo, so the agents of the Crime Investigation Police came to the place, as well as the agent of the Public Ministry, who interviewed the relatives of the injured, who explained the fight registered in the dance, adding that they did not know the identity of the alleged aggressor. The investigation folder was opened by the Public Ministry of the Laguna Region Vice Prosecutor’s Office, in charge of the necessary investigations.

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