You no longer need a password to log in to Microsoft accounts

SMS and email verification, or authenticators will be used for this.

If you is not creative and always creates passwords like “1234” or date of birth in Microsoft services, or you still never remember them, know that the owner of Windows thought of you and it is now possible to log into your account from any company service without a password.

The way out for this happens through authenticators, such as Microsoft’s Authenticator app, facial or fingerprint recognition with Windows Hello, verification codes sent to email or SMS. A similar method, two-factor authentication, is already widely used by many services.

To remove the current password, you will need the app Authenticator for iOS or Android e connect to your Microsoft account via smartphone. The next step is to access, log in and access the menu “Safety” at the top of the screen, after “Advanced Security Options” and activate “account without password“.

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This ease of login to services such as Outlook and OneDrive (most likely Xbox as well) will be coming in the coming weeks for all users, as said by Microsoft’s vice president of security Vasu Jakkal. The new option has been available to companies since March.

“Passwords are incredibly inconvenient to create, remember and manage across every account in our lives,” said Jakkal. Studies carried out by Microsoft show that one in 10 people reuse the same passwords in different services, another 40% use a predictable formula in creating passwords.

Microsoft has been working on passwordless services for years, the pandemic only accelerated this process. “When you have a digital transformation and deals being done remotely… The number of digital surfaces has grown exponentially,” says Vasu Jakkal.

We have to agree that creating passwords is not cool at all, they are easy to forget and lose, even though recovery is relatively simple. It would be great not to have to worry about passwords when you have several game launchers on your PC, without having to memorize or have them all stored in some secret file, which you may end up forgetting where you are.

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