You never think of it: These functions of CovPass and Corona-Warn-App are completely unknown

The CovPass app and the Corona warning app are now a constant companion in everyday life. We show you exciting functions of the apps that you should know.

Whether in a restaurant, shopping or even on the bus or train: You have to carry your vaccination card with you and show it almost everywhere. The easiest way to do this is via the digital vaccination certificate, which many save in the CovPass app.

And at the latest since the Corona warning app can also read codes from the Luca app, it has been the better choice when checking in for events and the like.But both the CovPass and the Corona warning app have a few practical additions -Functions hidden that many do not even know. In the following, we will therefore show you the best tips and tricks for both applications.

Tips and tricks for the CovPass app

CovPass app: The application can do more than just save the digital vaccination certificate.
CovPass app: The application can do more than just save the digital vaccination certificate.

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Tip 1: Print out the vaccination certificate using the CovPass app

If the smartphone battery is empty or a printed version of the EU vaccination certificate is an advantage when traveling, the vaccination certificate can easily be saved as a PDF using the CovPass app and printed out. However, you should not send the PDF document by e-mail or share it via other apps.

Tip 2: check validity for trips

Under “Check validity” you can check in the CovPass app before starting a trip whether the certificate is valid in the respective country. For this purpose, the travel destination and the date of entry are entered. However, it should be noted that the entry rules can change at any time.

The validity of the certificate should therefore be checked again at least 48 hours in advance. In addition, additional rules or restrictions may apply both on return and in individual regions and there is a possibility that additional documents are required. By the way: the Corona warning app also has such a feature.

Tip 3: vaccination certificate for children

A digital vaccination certificate can also be issued to children as proof of vaccination. If they do not have their own smartphone, the certificate can alternatively be saved on the parents’ cell phone. A corresponding QR code is also required for this. Additional digital vaccination certificates can be saved using the blue and white plus symbol. The QR code can then be scanned as usual.

But not only the CovPass app has hidden features, the Corona warning app also offers practical functions that not everyone knows.

Downloads: CovPass for Android and iOS

Tips and tricks for the Corona warning app

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Tip 1: Corona warning app also understands QR codes from the Luca app

With the Corona warning app, you can also scan the QR codes of the Luca app in the future and check in without having to download the Luca app in advance. The other way around is not yet possible. However, the feature only works for QR codes that were generated after May 25, 2021. Older codes must therefore be updated.

The bottom line is that users who do not use the Luca app can now register for all events and operators no longer have to create a single QR code for each app. Nothing will change in the future with regard to the high data protection standards, so that the Corona warning app will continue to collect no personal data and will not transfer any data from the Corona warning app to the Luca app. Since the Luca app is repeatedly criticized for data protection, a switch to the Corona warning app is definitely appropriate.

Downloads: Corona-Warn-App

Tip 2: Corona warning app has a warning option for events

Another advantage over the Luca app: If visitors were checked in via the Corona warning app, then organizers can warn their guests of a possible risk encounter with a person who later tested positive.

If a person has tested positive and has reported this to the health department, a transaction number is issued that enables the organizer to send a warning to all people who have participated in the event.

Tip 3: Expand the recycle bin function with PCR and rapid tests

Until now, users could only restore deleted certificates from the recycle bin. Now, using the restore function, the PCR and rapid tests can also be restored up to 30 days after the deletion process.

But be careful: Only one active test can be registered in the app at a time. So if a test is restored from the trash, the current test is moved to the trash instead.

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