YosStop shares emotional reflection on his physical appearance in prison

More than three months have passed since the youtuber Yoseline Hoffman – known as YosStop – was linked to a process for the crime of child pornography after the complaint of Ainara.

Since June 29, YosStop has spent its days in the Santa Martha Acatitla prison; However, thanks to social media and the help of her boyfriend Gerardo González, as well as the information her lawyer has shared, Yoseline has kept in touch with her followers, sending messages to the outside about the process you face.

Until this Sunday, in the official YosStop Instagram account – where it has more than 6 million followers – 17 publications have been uploaded, the first with a message that he wrote in a box of gum, others about the crafts he has made, letters What she writes and many others from before she was arrested and where she reflects on life.

It was YosStop’s boyfriend who shared the reflection through Instagram. SPECIAL

“Do you know how long ago I have not seen myself in the mirror? I have no idea in the day to day of my appearance, I do not know if I have a mucus, a lagaña or a disheveled eyebrow and I do not know how my body is anymore?”, He wrote YosStoP, via Gerardo, just this Saturday.

In this post it explains that he has lost the strength he had gained, but thanks to yoga he maintains flexibility, he also points out that he has learned that the physical aspect is not the most important thing but what is inside.

YosStop reflects on his behavior

Previously Yoseline also spoke about how she used to judge people and has realized that we live in an unconsciousness “that does not allow us to enjoy and live life with awareness and how it is, with the good and the bad”, reflection to which assured, Perhaps he would not have understood if he had not faced the process that he takes in prison.

Yoseline was arrested after being denounced for the crime of child pornography against the young Ainara “S”, who was a victim of rape when she was a minor.

What is Yoseline “N” accused of?

Yoseline “N” was arrested after Ainara denounced that the youtuber shared a video on her social networks in which the victim – who at that time was 16 years old – was raped by four young people, a fact that she, her family and her defense they considered it a violation of human rights by exposing the victim’s privacy.

However, it is striking that while the youtuber is in prison, the investigating authorities do not know her whereabouts.

Regarding this case, the capital’s Prosecutor’s Office explained that Yoseline “N” was linked to the process after the social representative presented evidence that made it possible to establish that the accused possibly committed the crime of child pornography to the detriment of a minor.

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