Yina Calderón disguised herself as Barbie and in networks they fell to her with all

Yina Calderon He has been the protagonist of numerous controversies, his excessive alcohol consumption has caused him serious problems, including the closure of his social networks, crucial for the proper functioning of his businesses.

The businesswoman has had to create several profiles on Instagram and until a few days ago, they returned to penalize another account, so he has been using the profile he has to sell his girdles to have contact with his followers.

“Four accounts disabled; I mean, I don’t understand […] or sometimes I say ‘ready, I have little things that…’ but I have changed. I left the whores, I have been leaving the liquor, I don’t know what happens, but I understand God’s will and that things happen like this “, recently assured.

While looking for a solution to help with the problem, which has already become very repetitive, and struggles to recover the account where he had more than four million followers, it does not stop appearing for other parts.

In the last hours Calderón has been mentioned again in all kinds of comments after publishing a video where she appears in her new apartment disguised as Barbie, outfit that immediately became a topic of conversation.

The woman is a fan of the doll, so much so that soon she will undergo a series of surgeries aesthetic, of which he has not provided many details, to be as similar as possible to one of them.

That’s right, Calderón wants to become the “Colombian Barbie”, so different interventions will be carried out that, according to what he said, will completely change his already well-known face, his figure, among others.

In the clip, she appears in a pink dress, white sneakers, a long blonde wig, a suitcase in the same tone of the outfit, accessories and colorful makeup, the main reason why she has been receiving strong criticism.

“The creator of Barbie crying to see this”, “Chuky’s wife”, “The eye makeup is ugly so it doesn’t look good on you”, “Barbies always have sober makeup, not like that”, “it looks like the tigress from the east”, “she doesn’t help herself either” are some of the messages that are read under the post.

Although it is still being questioned, there were several Internet users who highlighted how good it looked and others took the opportunity to defend it, since the appreciations it receives regarding it are constant. His physical appearance.

The clip has thousands of views. Photo: Instagram @fajasyinacalderonoficial.

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