Yanina Latorre defended Rodrigo Lussich and Adrián Pallares with a tremendous chicane: “They are bursting with …”

The verbose angelita became relevant in recent weeks for being a kind of official spokeswoman for Wanda Nara in the middle of the media scandal that was unleashed after discovering an alleged infidelity on the part of her husband with the China Suarez.

Boasting of their findings, information and material contributed to The angels of the morning, Yanina Latorre She was enraged when other entertainment journalists accused her of not having spoken with the Mauro Icardi or their data was echoed.

In defense of your panelist, Angel de Brito was in charge of writing on his twitter account that the woman from Diego Latorre he wiped out all his colleagues. Far from leaving the controversial fight there for who gets more data regarding the now famous Wanda Gate, well returned to the ring and shot all at the drivers of Intruders.

In the context of having proposed to his followers to play the now classic Instagram questions and answers, Latorre chose to answer one in which they wrote: “The dancers Rodrigo Lussich and Adrian Pallares They keep saying that Wanda didn’t speak to anyone. What do you think?”.

To which without laps, or filter, true to her style the Los Angeles columnist in the morning pointed out against the drivers of America and, doubling down, wrote in his stories: “What do I think? Who are bursting with envy. Very pathetic, they repeated my complete information ”.

“They are bursting with envy. Very pathetic. They repeated my information,” Yani shot at Lussich and Pallares.

But, as he did in front of the journalists, Yanina also gave his opinion about China Suárez, with whom he also got involved after trying to get information from her about the case and shot: “As a person he is selfish, arrogant and does not register the other”.

Far from fearing a return from the characters she attacks or often criticizes, Yanina is characterized by saying what she thinks, regardless of whoever she may. And that same thing returned to make manifest after throwing his point of view regarding Lussich and Pallares. Will they answer you?

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