XXL monograph on the life and work of Frida Kahlo presented

One of the most important plastic artists in Mexico and internationally, is Frida Kahlo, a pioneer of the political discourse on the condition of gender, sexuality and feminism in the contemporary art scene. And for this reason he continues to be the object of study to rediscover his works and obtain information from others of which little is known.

Thus, the art historian, Luis-Martín Lozano, in collaboration with Andrea Kettenmann and Marina Vázquez Ramos, present the project, “Frida Kahlo. Complete pictorial work ”, a monograph from the publisher Bags which compiles the 152 paintings of the Mexican artist.

This XXL-size volume will allow readers to see Frida Kahlo’s paintings from a broader perspective, some in formats that exceed those of the original works, accompanied by photographs related to her personal and professional life. There is also a selection of drawings, pages from his personal diary, letters and an extensive biography.

Pedro Martínez sows “Xochicalli” in Zapopan

In addition, the book presents works belonging to private collections that are difficult to access and reproduces paintings that had been lost or that have not been exhibited for more than 80 years. The project addresses the most extensive study of Frida Kahlo’s paintings published to date, as shared by Luis-Martín Lozano himself in an interview.

“It is the first compendium of all the information that we have available from Frida Kahlo about her paintings. It is a project that has taken several years to carry out, and is focused on studying, documenting and interpreting, for the first time, all the works that Frida Kahlo painted, even those that are unaccounted for or that were destroyed ”.

He reiterates that the approach of the book does not result in a better knowledge of the painter, “on the contrary, focuses on painting, the origin and the heart of Frida’s creative process Kahlo and what gives rise to the development of his personality, in other words, in painting there is no story to tell ”.

Compilation. The monograph addresses some photographs linked to the personal life of the Mexican artist. Courtesy

The historian remembers that this work as such is a collector’s item, not only because of the information it contains, but also because by itself, it is a piece of art, because of the volume, because of the large-format illustrations and because of the photographs it contains. . It is a project that took many years, even after the content was delivered to the publisher, it took four years to develop the entire visual bet for printing.

“When I received Taschen’s invitation to do this Frida Kahlo book, The first thing was to make a proposal of a conceptual nature about what this book is going to be about.. And the decision is made that it be a catalog of all of Frida Kahlo’s work.

Once the main objective had been agreed, we set ourselves the task of defining that universe, for which I had already been researching for several years, and then we went on to a stage that I call a research seminar ”.

That’s when he invited his two colleagues, doctors Andrea Kettenmann and Marina Vázquez, to do an exhaustive process of historiographic review, that is, what has been said about these paintings over time, what have been the approaches and what has not been said about it.

“To our surprise, it turns out that just as there are paintings that have been discussed a lot because they are repeated over and over again in the projects, there are others where there was no written line about it, paintings that besides being seen little, have not been deserved the least attention from critics, curators, writers, or organizers in the last 20 years or more. And that implies that we have concentrated on certain paintings that are exhibited over and over again, and that say the same things, that is, we have not produced more knowledge ”.

He ends by saying that more progress has been made in the details of Frida’s personality, including those that go from the everyday to the private, but she has not had the same interest as with her work as an artist. So this monograph opens the door to analyze the artist’s plastic work from other angles.


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“Frida Kahlo. Complete pictorial work ”can now be purchased online and physically, Librerías Gandhi will have the distribution. The book has a cost of three thousand 999 pesos.

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