Xoana González to those who wish to have OnlyFans: “You have to be sure of yourself” | Shows

Xoana González, a well-known Argentine model based in Peru, has gained popularity on the explicit video platform called OnlyFans. Since he announced the creation of an account, every day he gains more followers and, thanks to them, he has been able to succeed and fulfill some of his dreams. In that sense, the foreigner spoke of the pros and cons of having a profile in the aforementioned application.

In conversations with a local media outlet, the young woman advised those who want to upload content to the site and pointed out that, although there are gains, you have to think a lot about the consequences.

“The economic issue, the truth is that they are large sums … I am not saying that what I do is easy, it is the price that you earn for launching yourself to do something that nobody would do, and that has its reward,” said the businessman’s wife Javier González.


“Many girls (who) ask me if they open the OnlyFans I put all the cons, I tell them: ‘… You have to be very sure of yourself, that you do not care what others say,” added the Argentine model to El Popular.

Xoana González says that creating content for platforms is not something easy to do. Photo: broadcast

Xoana González spoke of Fatima Segovia

Another of the celebrity figures who publicly announced the creation of OnlyFans is Fátima Segovia. She reiterated that she does not consider it a ‘competition’ because the type of content they share is different.

“I think it is another category, mine is a little stronger, explicit and with a lot of perseverance for more than a year and a half, it is very profitable if you are really willing to gamble,” he said.


Xoana González announces face-to-face shows

The also painter, who has been in Argentina for some time, announced that will return to Peru for a series of presentations.

“I arrive on the 3rd and on the 4th I will be in Tarapoto, because I have a couple of shows. I am anxious because I will return to the stage after two years, I missed the applause of the public very much, “she said.

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