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The news was released at the time of the launch of its new generation consoles: the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Microsoft stopped sharing its sales statistics for 2015, but analysts Niko Partners and Daniel Ahmad say around 56 million Xbox Ones were sold, less than half of Xbox One consoles. PS4.

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The console developed by Microsoft supported 4K gaming.

The offer is actually as big as ever

It also contrasts with Sony that had ended the production of the PS4, but, seeing that they had difficulties in meeting the demand for PS5, manufactured it again.

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So far, the new Microsoft consoles have been well accepted in the market. Phil Spencer, the head of the Xbox division, commented: “The offer is actually as big as ever. It’s that demand is outstripping supply for all of us.”

Today you can get the new Xbox S console at a value of $299 dollars (approximately 1.2 million pesos). It is currently available from both Amazon in the UK and Best Buy in the US.

In Colombia it can be obtained in chain stores for an approximate value of 1.4 million pesos.

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Xbox serie X

The Xbox Series X and S are the company’s recent bets.

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