Writer Ariel Maceo after questioning by State Security: "They made it clear to me that the revolution is above our human rights."

The Cuban writer Ariel Maceo Téllez assured that the State security made it clear “that the revolution is above our DD.HH. “, after being questioned by agents of the repressive body of the Ministry of the Interior of Cuba (MININT).

“Today I had a meeting with the State Security agents. The reality is that they have me regulated for a crime that I did not commit. They made it clear to me that the revolution is above our human rights. That has given me enormous sadness ”, denounced this Wednesday the photographer and independent journalist on his Facebook profile.

Maceo Téllez said that whoever questioned him, although he spoke with respect, “spoke to me from his truth, which is far from the truth of our people. Because it is not that the reality of social networks is not the reality of Cuba, it is that the reality of Cuba is much worse than that of social networks ”.

He also said that the officer told him that “I could not put myself in the role of victim”, because “it is as if the victim were the Cuban revolution.”

“It is as if the Cuban revolution were a Cyclops with a lightning bolt in his eye and that destroys every person who points out that he has only one eye. To avoid the reality of this country is to fail the homeland and the nation ”, the writer added.

He also pointed out that “Cuba is a one-party dictatorship, which exercises terror from the military power. However, the officer told me that I cannot put myself in the role of victim, as if I were a criminal, a terrorist, I am only a poet ”.

Maceo Téllez also pointed out that the authorities “have regulated me, violating the Cuban Constitution, the one that now betrayed every Cuban who wants to be free. Because in Cuba today its citizens want to be free ”.

And that he made it clear again “that I am anti-imperialist and as revolutionary as the agents who interrogated me today.”

According to the officer who questioned him, he relates, “I am obsessed with the issue of my regulation, and it is impossible not to be, because fighting for my regulation is fighting for my freedom as an individual.”

“And the regulation, for those who do not know it, prevents my mobility even though the Constitution makes it clear that I have that right, and not only the Constitution, but the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Because that’s what it’s all about, our rights as citizens. The worst of all is that Cuba is a dead animal on the road. And nobody is going to save her, ”he also commented.

Finally, the writer pointed out that in that interrogation it became clear that “my priority continues to be my wife Anabel Díaz Campos, whom I love with pleasure, and for now the State Security has separated me from her because they will not let me leave the country”.

In another publication on his social network, he said: “Give Cuba Insurrection”, paraphrasing the official slogan of “Give Cuba a heart.”

This Sunday Maceo Téllez had denounced on his social networks that a police officer had come to his house in Havana to summon him to an interrogation with State Security.

“A police captain in my house right now, making the summons for a police unit,” he said that day in a publication where he also shared an image of the officer inside his home.

The writer habitually expresses himself against power on social networks and, for this reason, has suffered harassment from the authorities, becoming “regulated, which prevents him from leaving the island legally.

At the end of August, he criticized Decree-Law 35 approved by the Cuban regime after the anti-government protests of July 11 and considered that that day “Cuba decided to be free and against that there is no decree, person, army that can.”

“(…) There is no decree that can say that the Cubans came out to demonstrate because they had no electricity, it was not like that. The Cubans came out to demand freedom for Cuba and shouted Down with the dictatorship and Patria y Vida. There is no decree that can prevent Cubans from exercising freedom of expression, that is our universal right, “he added.

Maceo Téllez has four unpublished books due to his critical position against the regime. He was born in 1986 and coordinates the Demongéles group, a platform that brings together independent artists who have no space within the official cultural institutions of the country.

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