Would you recognize a stroke? The main symptoms that you should not miss

The main symptoms are three and UDD doctors established that only 6% of Chileans can recognize them.

An investigation led by neurologists Víctor Navia, Enrico Mazzón and Paula Muñoz found that almost a quarter of Chileans recognize at least one symptom in the warning signs of a disease. Stroke attack (ACV).

However, they also found that only 6% can recognize the top three.

According to specialists, it is important to be clear about them since the 90% of people who suffer from it have at least one of them.

Ultimately, when faced with a cerebrovascular attack, people should be attentive to:

1. Paralysis or numbness in the face

If the person is having a stroke, it will be difficult to smile symmetrically.

2. Loss of strength in one arm

If you want to raise both arms, one of them will start to fall or it will be difficult to lift it all the way.

3. Difficulty speaking

The person does not articulate words easily and it is not easy to understand what he is saying.

And the headache?

The study, which was supported by the Institute of Sciences and Innovation in Medicine (ICIM) of the UDD, detected that the headache was the most frequently mentioned symptom, a 44%.

Nevertheless, this is not a symptom that identifies a stroke.

Only in the case of being severe and of sudden onset this could result, for example, in a hemorrhagic stroke.


Stroke occurs twice: when there is an interruption of the blood supply to the brain (ischemic stroke) or when there is bleeding in the brain (hemorrhagic stroke).

For Navia, a neurologist at Hospital Padre Hurtado, a member of the Society of Neurology, Psychiatry and Neurosurgery of Chile (Sonepsyn) and a professor at the UDD School of Medicine, the data provided by the investigation confirmed that the population has little knowledge of this health problem.

“There is urgent need to reinforce educational campaigns especially in older people and with lower socioeconomic levels, “he said in a statement.

For this reason, the doctors behind the study emphasized the importance of timely medical care, since one in five people who suffer a stroke is left with a disability.

That could be prevented or reduced by going to the ER with only the slightest suspicion of having a stroke.

For this 2021 Sonepsyn, together with public and private health centers, patient associations plus the support of the Ministry of Health and Fonasa, is carrying out a new digital preventive campaign under the slogan “A stroke is a matter of time. Identify it. Hurry #QueNoTePille “

The idea contemplates the conducting web conferences – transmitted by the Sonepsyn Facebook page – with the aim of informing the general population about the risks of stroke.


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