Worrisome complaints from one of AMLO’s favorite projects: Executive Director of HRW

MEXICO CITY.- The executive director of Human Rights Watch, America Division, José Miguel Vivanco, today questioned the Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, after the incident at the Dos Bocas refinery in Tabasco, in which four workers of the ICA Fluor company were injured.

Worrying complaints from one of AMLO’s favorite projects – Dos Bocas Refinery – about police and Navy repression against workers demanding job improvements, “Vivanco tweeted.” AMLO boasts of supporting labor rights. Is this the way to protect them?

The four employees, who work in the construction of the refinery, were injured when elements of the state police dispersed a demonstration in which the workers demanded a wage increase and better job benefits; In addition, three people were arrested, according to union leaders.

The spokesman for the Presidency, Jesús Ramírez Cuevas, assured that the confrontation is related to a union dispute and not with Pemex.

Internal business

In an interview in the Chamber of Deputies, Ramirez Cuevas He asked to go to the origin of the conflict, but clarified that “we are neither for the repression nor for the use of public force against the people. It must be seen that the origin is not caused by us as a government, but is an internal matter of the Ica Fluor “.

He insisted that “there is a union dispute, it is not a dispute with the company, but rather one union against the ownership of another and we regret it. We do not want violence, we respect labor protests. Dos Bocas workers all receive the best Possible working conditions, decent wages, benefits, and that is the obligation that all companies that work on government works have. “
On October 6, Vivanco launched another criticism of the government of AMLO, this time for immigration management.

On Twitter he uploaded a video, which went viral, of a plane in which Haitians were to be returned to their country. In the video you see a man who jumps off the ladder, to avoid boarding the plane, and runs, chased by immigration agents. “Is this what the AMLO government calls voluntary returns?” Asked the director of HRW América.

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