Workers report 3 injured after attacks on strike in Dos Bocas

Through social networks, ICA Flour workers who were hired to build the Dos Bocas refinery, Paraíso, Tabasco, denounced attacks during their second day of work stoppage.

They report that at least 3 of their companions were injured during the protests held at the facilities of the flagship refinery complex of the government of the 4T. There are reports, not yet confirmed by the authorities, that one of the wounded was shot..

This Tuesday, 3,000 workers from the once-largest construction company in Mexico began a work stoppage to demand better working conditions and a better salary.

They denounced that they are being asked to work overtime so that the work is completed in the times provided by the federal government, but they don’t get a single penny.

Before the protest, elements of the State Police and the National Guard dismantled this demonstration; amid the struggles and shoves, some workers were injured.

In a video it can be seen that the worker whose name is still unknown, was helped by his colleagues and taken in a public transport known as “pochimovil” to be transferred to a hospital in the municipality of Paraíso.

Right now spirits have been controlled and it is expected that directors of the ICA Flour company can meet the demands of these workers, who since yesterday demand the presence of the employers for whom they work.

The Dos Bocas project is expected to be delivered in June 2022.

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