Work against the abuse of women, company ‘Theater of the body", is presented for free this Thursday

The restructuring of the work “Jaula uno, ave dos” (consigned choreographic heritage in 2016), “When women take flight” will be presented for free on Thursday, October 14 at 7:00 p.m. at the Museum of Memory and Human Rights. The cast is made up of Pelusa Trincado, Romina Rojas, Claudia Vega, Marisol Venegas, Cinthya Fuenzalida, Marjorie Ávalos and Vicky Larraín, who have already toured in person in Huechuraba, Los Vilos, Valparaíso and La Serena.

This creative project is financed by the Fondart 2020, restructuring the choreographic heritage “Jaula uno, ave dos” by Vicky Larraín. It was created in 1996 as a result of the violent case of Mirta Carrasco, who was locked up for more than 20 years in a chicken coop, being called La Mujer Gallina by the media.


Cinthya Fuenzalida has dedicated her entire life to the arts, she began as a self-taught person and then entered the world of folklore. Theater, singing, aesthetics, urban and contemporary dance have become their way of expression. Regarding the work and the context in which it is presented, the artist believes that “Memory is essential to know the course of our history and avoid making the same mistakes.”

The artist considers that presenting it in October “seems very symbolic to me, we are on the verge of commemorating the great social change that took place in 2019, where democracy was re-evaluated and there was an uncovering of the accumulated pain in those of us who inhabit the territory. Pain is a spectrum that walks in silence, silencing everything it touches. From silence we can quietly observe the situations in order to reach the encounter with the sound, the vibration, finally coming out of the gloom through action, raising the spirit with the encounter, the arts and the manifestations ”.


Claudia Vega is an actress, a master’s degree in theater pedagogy, a professional clown and a diploma in Theater Dance, where she met Vicky Larraín. She participated in the virtual play “What is our turn” and now in the project “When women take flight”. “For a long time, women have lived suffering different types of mistreatment, human rights violations, and this mistreatment worsens in political contexts of crisis, as has happened many times in Chile. There is a wound that is not only physical, but historical and lasting. Presenting at the Museum of Memory is extremely important for us, it is an opportunity to continue reconstructing erased memories ”, she reflects on the work.

“Go live a sensitive experience, art as a living organism. More than attending a speech, accumulated words or rational concepts, it is living an experience that confronts and shows what happens with the mistreatment of women, a theme that unfortunately continues to be very current ”, concludes Claudia, inviting the audience to the performance .

For more information visit the website and social networks of the Museum of Memory and Human Rights and the director’s Instagram.

Artistic file

Corps Theater Company
Direction: Vicky Larraín.
Assistant Director: Marjorie Ávalos.
Performers: Pelusa Trincado, Romina Rojas, Claudia Vega, Marisol Venegas, Cinthya Fuenzalida, Marjorie Ávalos and Vicky Larraín.
Music: Luis Barrie.

Itinerance 2021: Valparaíso / La Serena / Los Vilos / Huechuraba / La Pintana / Museum of Memory, Santiago.


Thursday, October 14 at 7:00 p.m. Museum of Memory and Human Rights.

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