A violent door slam occurred last night in San Bernardo, where a woman was the victim of an attempted theft of her car. The incident was thwarted by a neighbor with a rifle and by the vehicle’s current cut-off system.

A woman was the victim of a portonazo occurred at the entrance of a condominium in the commune of Saint Bernard. After pointing a pistol at him and making it descend, the thieves were unable to steal the vehicle because it had a cut-off system. Also, a neighbor pointed a rifle at them.

The situation occurred last night in the Villa Station Nos, when the woman arrived at the condominium in her vehicle, when a red car with four occupants appeared inside.

The individuals got off the mobile and threatened the driver with Firearms and also with a tool with which they broke one of the car’s windows.

The woman did not want to get off her cell phone, but after the attack with that element, she handed over the vehicle. She related the violence with which the criminals acted.

However, seconds later it appeared a neighbor with a rifle to threaten the assailants. This was recorded in a video.

To this was added that the vehicle had breaker, so the assailants could not start the car. Given this, they made the decision to flee the place.

Captain Fabián Retamal gave more details of what happened.

At the moment no arrests.