Woman, don’t feel guilty for letting go of someone who no longer fits in your life.

I am sure that more than once you have felt the need of moving away from a person because you no longer feel the same bond as before, although you have stopped yourself because you feel a certain responsibility that prevents you, that is why we will deny some thoughts that stop you from letting go.

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Time should never be a brake

People change and circumstances do too, so just because a person has been in your life for a long time, it doesn’t mean you should keep that linkOn the contrary, it stops being healthy the moment you thought about walking away, trust your intuition.

What was given is not reproached

Nobody sees the future, so you shouldn’t feel engaged with a person even though they have been a great support at some stage of your life. You are not ungrateful, good or bad actions remain in the past, so you don’t owe him anything.

immovable relatives

They say that the family is not chosen, but that is not why you should maintain a relationship with a toxic relative. You have all the freedom to decide if you want one healthy distance Or cultivate that relationship. This is one of the most necessary myths to deny, since more than once you have surely been forced to live in these cases.

the want

This usually happens when you end a relationship with one person and the other refuses or he didn’t take the decision. Do not feel committed to returning or staying there, if your ex-partner really loves you as he says, he will respect your decision even though it hurts.

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The need

Here it applies to any type of relationship, in which the person is possessed by the phrase “you are going to need me”, this is a clear sign that he is loving you. manipulating for you to stay in a place that no longer works for you, so ignore it and move on with your life.

He has apologized

Second chances do exist, as long as the other person is really committed and you want it, other than that, avoid feeling guilty for rejecting someone despite the sorry, you are not obligated to rebuild something that is already broken.

They treat you well but then badly

Run away from these people who are possessed by their states of cheer up, where one day they treat you well and the next badly, this is not a healthy attitude that you should keep in your life. Any relationship that is healthy is sincere and is always governed by preserving the respect of both.

Woman, don’t feel guilty for letting go of someone who no longer fits in your life. Photo: pexels

After reading each of these sections, I hope you feel free to remove all those people who do not deserve to be in your life, leave behind those thoughts of guilt that only stop you from making the right decision and that you want.

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