With the participation of Gimnasia and Central, Salta is already beating the Summer Quadrangular

To give excitement to this summer that goes through so many pale, this Friday morning he presented orofficially the Summer Quadrangular in Salta, which will feature the competition of four soccer teams, two of them from Salta, promising exciting encounters and an attraction for both Salta and visitors.

Regarding this event, the one who gave more details was Sergio Chibán, secretary of Sports of Salta and president of the Salteña Football League, during the talk he had with the Airplane Mode program by CNN Skip -94.7MHZ-.

“For those of us who love football and after a few years of absencethis is a huge satisfaction, that the Government put on the table the summer games in Salta with 4 teams, 2 of them from Salta”, Chibán said first.

Thus, this January 22 will be the first match between San Martín de Tucumán against Gimnasia y Tiro, then it will be Chaco For Ever against San Martín, followed by Chaco versus Central Norte and the icing on the cake will be the classic between Gimnasia and Tire facing Central North.

The winner, by sum of points or goal difference, will take $500,000”

Thinking about the context of the pandemic and the preventive measures due to the third wave of coronavirus, is there a possibility that these matches can be enjoyed with people in the stands? Chibán said that they are in the talks so that this chance is given, dialoguing both from Tourism and Sports with Public Health. “There would be no problem with the capacity in this regard, there is a huge field, with health control, nothing to do with tents and crowds ”, he highlighted about the Martearena stadium.

Lastly, and on another topic, the president of the Salteña League, who longs to be able to advance in the talks so that the great soccer teams can once again get the ball rolling on Salta soil. “We are waiting for the people from Tournaments and Competitions to return from the holidays to start the negotiation tasks, but it is not as easy as before, now there are new stadiums, competitors such as San Juan and Santiago del Estero, although we are optimistic,” he concluded. .

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