With the doubt of Emiliano Vecchio, Central visits Banfield to stay close to the Cups

Central showed a football recovery and in the results after the Classic, a situation that was cut with the defeat against Boca, although from the game there were good indications to believe that the Kily team is focused. Now it is Banfield’s turn, and although Kily had in mind to repeat the team, it is very likely that Emiliano Vecchio will not be able to be there from the start.

This Tuesday morning, Vecchio underwent an imaging study where it was found that the sprained ankle he suffered during Monday’s practice did not cause bone or ligament injury. With that diagnosis, from the player’s environment they are optimistic that he could start against Banfield. But in the afternoon rehearsal the rogue coach included Michael Covea, which casts doubt on Vecchio’s presence, although he traveled with the group to the Federal Capital to stay focused.

There is no official confirmation. Neither medical report on the trauma that Vecchio suffered in training, nor on the studies that were carried out on him. That is why the doubt will persist until a while before the game.

If Vecchio recovers in time, Kily González will repeat against the Drill the starting eleven that he used last date, when the Auriazules lost against Boca 2-1 at the Giant. Otherwise Vecchio’s place will go to Michael Covea. The Venezuelan has already replaced him in the two matches prior to that of the xeneizes: in the triumphs against Arsenal in Arroyito and Central Córdoba in Santiago del Estero. And the good news is that in those matches the team did not seem to miss Vecchio, as he scored four goals in each of the games.

With or without the talented midfielder, the Scoundrel will go in search of a victory that will allow them to stay close to the Cup qualifying positions, the goal that Kily set for the rest of the year.

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