With guitar in hand, Shakira shows why she is one of the most beautiful women

Shakira She shared this week a fun video on social media that shows that in addition to being talented on stage, she defends herself a lot with kitchen utensils. “Today’s pancake adventure!” was the singer’s message to accompany her aforementioned recording.

The assistants and then judges of valuation of the dish of Shakira, were his children Milan and Sasha. Both indicated that their mother is “the best pancake cook in the world.” For some time now, the Latin artist has been encouraged to share home and family videos on her official profiles.

A few hours ago, Shakira published a photograph on his official account Instagram that conquered a large part of its millions of followers from all over the planet. In it you can see the interpreter of “Waka Waka” displaying all her beauty before the camera on a recording set with guitar in hand. The Barranquilla native wore an oversized green blouse that highlighted her toned legs. In addition, the talented Latina complemented her look with loose hair with waves and a delicate make up.

“Working hard” was the short and fresh text that he chose as his epigraph Shakira to accompany his recent snapshot on the popular little camera network.

Source: Instagram Shakira

As expected, this publication, whose main protagonist is Gerard Piqué’s partner, was quickly filled with likes, easily surpassing the barrier of 380 thousand hearts. In addition, the dancer also received thousands of messages of affection and praise towards her splendid figure and her look from her most loyal fans.


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