With an official function, the reopening of the Municipal Theater will take place today

After two years and six months of inactivity, the Municipal Theater will reopen its doors tonight with the first of its five performances scheduled for this month.

The formal reopening will be at 9 pm with the official function for guests of Elena Roger & Escalandrum, who celebrate the work of María Elena Walsh.

“The Theater is one of the icons that the city has, when one takes out the four or five postcards that Bahía Blanca has, the Theater is undoubtedly there. It is a pride of all the people of Bahia,” said Mayor Héctor Gay this morning.

“In 2019,” he recalled, “after what happened at Banco Nación and what happened at Notre Dame, in Paris, we became alert and we began to see old buildings. So we hired the UTN to do an audit. The results they were bad, the electrical system was obsolete and the fire prevention system more obsolete still. “

The communal chief said on LU2 that this “led us to make the decision to close the Theater, which was questioned by some sectors and I understand it, but it would have been much worse if there was a fire. At the time there were no budget items and when we were ending the contests, the pandemic caught us and that generated a delay. “

As detailed by La Nueva, it was only at the end of 2020 and early 2021 that the work could be carried out, with an investment of the order of 60 million pesos, which included the reconstruction of the facilities, with a new design, and the incorporation of new sound equipment. To this were added several complementary tasks and the enhancement of the Payró room.

“Now we have an impeccable theater, valued and secure for many years. We are happy, happy, because there is a fantastic theater. Anything that happens is not at risk and that is very good,” remarked the community chief in the program Panorama.

“We decided that the shows were free and the tickets were quickly sold out. Today they are special guests and I personally asked the ex-mayors to be there because the theater belongs to everyone and we want it to be enjoyed. Three have responded positively and will be in the official box today : Juan Carlos Cabirón, Jaime Linares and Rodolfo López, and last night Gustavo Bevilacqua thanked me for the invitation but he is in Bariloche and he will not be able to come, “Gay explained.

During the weekend there will be three functions, whose tickets are already sold out:

– Friday at 9pm, Elena Roger & Escalandrum (tribute to Astor Piazzola);
-Saturday at 9pm, the Bahía Blanca Provincial Symphony Orchestra (concert in honor of the centenary of Astor Piazzolla);
-Sunday at 9 pm, the Orquesta Típica en Conserva.

For their part, the Artistic Organizations of the South will offer a second function at the end of the month.

It will be on Friday 29 at 21, with the Concert of the Wind and Percussion Ensemble of the Provincial Symphony Orchestra of Bahía Blanca and the Stable Choir.

For this presentation you can access free tickets by entering the site teatromunicipal.bahia.gob.ar from noon on Monday 18.

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