With 139,853 cases in one day, a new peak of Covid infections was registered in Argentina

With this data, 117,901 have died and 6,932,972 have been infected since the start of the pandemic. Of the 6,932,972 infected, 5,878,689 have already been discharged, while 936,382 cases remain active

On the other hand, hospitalized coronavirus patients in intensive care units across the country there are already 2,268. The percentage of service bed occupancy for all pathologies in public and private health establishments is 41.7% at the national level and 41.4% in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires (AMBA).

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The health portfolio reported 96 new deaths from Covid in Argentina.

Covid cases in Argentina by province

During the last day they were registered in the province of Buenos Aires 52,577 cases; in the City of Buenos Aires, 21,361; in Catamarca, 938; in Chaco, 2,618; in Chubut, 1,513; in Corrientes, 338; in Córdoba, 16.096; in Entre Ríos, 2,438; in Formosa, 1,292; in Jujuy, 2,986; in La Pampa, 1,250; in La Rioja, 353; in Mendoza, 4,253; in Misiones, 363; in Neuquén, 1,473; in Rio Negro, 957; in Salta, 3,790; in San Juan, 2,309; in Saint Louis, 2,425; in Santa Cruz, 1,051; in Santa Fe, 11,174; in Santiago del Estero, 2,273, in Tierra del Fuego, 576 and in Tucumán, 5,449.

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