Wise and the first time at home: "It is sure to get hotter"

Mitchell Weiser would have been looking forward to his first home game anyway. The fact that the opponent is HSV makes it even more “nicer” for him. The newcomer has so far only shown few points of contact with the northern derby.

Bremen’s newcomer Mitchell Weiser is looking forward to his first Northern Derby.

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Mitchell Weiser’s competitive debut was extremely promising. In the 3-0 away win in Ingolstadt, the newcomer, who was only awarded to SV Werder Bremen on the last day of the transfer period, was immediately in the starting line-up. The fact that he also scored the 2-0 goal in the meantime and was able to “make a direct contribution” “naturally feels good,” said the 27-year-old on Wednesday. He was able to successfully complete a solo run including stepping over.

Weiser has “no ranking at home, which was my best goal”

Weiser could not really judge whether this was the most remarkable achievement in his career. There would be a couple of other goals, he said with a grin: “I don’t have a ranking at home, which was my best goal. I can look at everything after my career.”

It was much more important to him to have been on the pitch again: “I had a lot of fun playing with the guys.” The winger last started in Leverkusen at the beginning of the year. Weiser was replaced after 61 minutes, and after the last unaccustomed load it “pinched in a few places”. But first of all, the U-21 European champion from 2017 should be set at Werder, especially since Felix Agu, who had previously played in the position of right-back, recently suffered from muscular problems.

Weiser’s warning

Weiser would have been “looking forward to his first home game at the Wohninvest Weserstadion”, he said ahead of the upcoming game against Hamburger SV on Saturday evening: “But of course a game like this is nicer overall. The scenery is sure to be a bit heated . ” Weiser expects “one or the other emotion that otherwise doesn’t come out”, but at the same time warns against going overboard: “Of course you don’t want to get unnecessary yellow and red cards.”

So far, he has only known derbies from the Rhine, but there from both perspectives: At a young age, initially in the service of 1. FC Cologne, then later at Bayer Leverkusen. So far, he has had little contact with the North Derby, as Weiser revealed when he was asked about the four duels between Werder and HSV within just 19 days in 2009 (DFB Cup, Uefa Cup and Bundesliga). “2009?”, He replied, amused – and had to pass. He was also aware, however, “that there are certain games in Germany that are special,” said Weiser: “This game is also part of that.”

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