Why the public has not yet returned to the Argentine courts

Why haven’t the fans returned to the courts yet?

The question does not have a single answer, but it does have a certainty: the government and the club leaders cared little about the people and just tomorrow will they get together to try to set dates and conditions to allow the members, who have paid the membership for 18 months. quota without receiving anything in return, they can stop watching the games on TV and can do so in the stands.

“We always respect what the government indicates. It does not depend on us but it is clear that we need the public to return, at least for the members, and to be able to sell tickets and seats again. For some clubs it can be a complication because they will have to solve a system to see which members go to the field, “a First Division leader told TN Deportivo ahead of Thursday’s meeting, adding:” We hope it will be resolved for that at the end of the month there are already people on the fields, but we always depend on the government, and until now they wanted to wait ”.

The truth is that the relationship between the national government and the AFA is not good. Claudio Tapia is not received. The last interlocutor to close the details of the Argentina-Bolivia protocol was Dr. Donato Villani. Chiqui knows he’s signed up from Casa Rosada and doesn’t even want to make noise. The more unnoticed it goes, the better. That played against football. From Viamonte they didn’t want to speed up, they did the plank. “This is how they are comfortable” is the comment that is heard the most.

Via TN Deportivo

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