Why Patricia Sosa hit L-Gante with everything: “Let’s try not to make everything so ephemeral. Learn a letter and …"

In a weekend in which so much was talked about L-Gante for the demands that transcended that the leader of Cumbia 420 at the time of the hiring, unexpectedly, and when being consulted about this type of new and popular music, Patricia Sosa surprised with his statements.

Through a live mobile that she kept with Implacables, the long-time artist was encouraged to comment on the musical phenomenon of trap and, in that context, pointed against the group of the moment, led by the young man from General Rodríguez.

While he first praised Maria Becerra As an artist, Sosa expressed: “There are some who I do not understand what they say. Do you know what I see? We are losing identity as a country, everything sounds Central American. For me I am looking at Escobar’s novel every time I listen“.

And followed: “It is difficult for me, that I am from another generation, that I like the metaphorical, the well-spoken language, Argentinism, put there, it is difficult for me … “. After her statements, Patricia intoned imitating the rags,” Pa let’s go … “.

“¡I do not understand anything! I don’t want to look like my uncle Ricardo who used to tell me, don’t rock, sing tango. There are things that I like and others that I don’t understand “, continued exposing the singer who even recognized: “It bores me a bit that it is always the same rhythm and especially the language. We are Argentines, I would love for them to speak in Argentine “. It was then that one of the panelists from El Nueve interrupted her to ask, “Do you like L-Ghent, or not?”.

“I don’t understand anything! I didn’t hear so much about L-Ghent, the alphabet and that one that comes out with a gun and I don’t like it. Let’s try not to make everything so ephemeral. Let them learn a letter, let them sing,” Sosa launched.

To which Patricia replied: “Yes, but I didn’t hear so much about L-Ghent … The alphabet, and the one that comes out with a gun and I don’t like it. It seems to me a charismatic boy, with good intentionss. But at this time it is more about communication than art “.

It goes through how many followers you have and not what they are doing, so let’s try not to make everything so ephemeral. Let him learn a letter, let him sing. I would like it to be like that … I’m already a senior citizen“, Sosa recognized from his eyes and extensive artistic career.

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