Why had those arrested for the crime of Lucas Cancino in Quilmes already been detained and released?

The murder of 17-year-old Lucas Iván Cancino, committed this Wednesday on the occasion of robbery when he was riding a bicycle to his school in the Buenos Aires district of Quilmes shocked the country.

The crime occurred around 7:50 and, In the afternoon, the arrests of the alleged murderers were known: Rodrigo Rivas, 19 years old; and Nazareno Juan Cruz Mejías, 20.

The captures were reported by the Buenos Aires Minister of Security, Sergio Berni, in contact with the press. The official reported that the Police detained “to the alleged material authors” of the murderer and specified that those captured were “identified by witnesses and filming”.

“(They are) people with antecedents who were already imprisoned. One of them (for Rivas), on May 26, was imprisoned for the crime of stealing a bicycle. Looking at the detainee guard books, one of them (for Mejías) entered arrested on July 24 at 8:12 p.m. for ‘qualified robbery due to the use of weapons’. Do you know when he was released? In less than four days “, complained Berni pointing to Justice.

For its part, Rivas had been arrested for the first time so far this year on the afternoon of March 8, in the middle of an investigation for illegal investigation that was processed in the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) Decentralized 1 of Avellaneda, in charge of the prosecutor María Alejandra Olmos Coronel.

The arrest was made by personnel from the fifth police station of that Buenos Aires party, but before midnight the young man was released for lack of evidence.

Two months later, the same thing happened. He was captured by personnel from the second police station on the night of May 26, accused of committing a robbery. However, the Justice of Quilmes ordered his release.

For his part, Mejías on July 24 of last year was arrested under the charge of the crime of “aggravated automotive robbery”, in a case brought by the Quilmes prosecutor Leonardo Sarra.

Mejía only slept four days in a cell, because on the 29th of that month he was already back on the street.


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