Why did Yuri and Lucía Méndez fight for several years?

MEXICO CITY.- For several years, Yuri and Lucia Mendez they fell out and stopped talking about different issues, but the “straw that broke the camel’s back” was when Lucia broke into a Yuri press conference to “steal the camera.”

It was in 2010, when Yuri offered a press conference to explain the scandal that had been made because Lucía Méndez had yelled at him in a public place, as well as her husband, revealing, in addition, that for a year ago, both artists did not speak to each other.

Supposedly the protagonist of “The Return of Diana Salazar” claimed Yuri and her husband, who had disrespected her at her mother’s wake.

What happens is that he yelled at us in a restaurant and there were people there in that restaurant, it was full of people. Lucia and I have not been friends for a year. We dissociated ourselves because she has made some comments about my faith and I don’t mess with her faith, ”Yuri explained.

At that time, Lucía Méndez broke into the press conference and stood in front of Yuri, not caring that he was speaking into the microphone, causing the singer of “Bear Panda” to explode against him and withdraw from the conference.

“No, this is my press conference, Lucia, it is not yours. No ma’am, no ma’am, this is my press conference. If the lady stays, I’ll go. Yes, gentlemen, because this is my press conference. She wants publicity, ”Yuri finished and left enraged.

What did Lucía Méndez attend Yuri’s press conference for?

Once Yuri’s press officer removed Lucía Méndez from the place where she had supposedly arrived without an invitation, the Guanajuato explained that “someone” had put the interview live on her and it encouraged her that her examiner told lies about what he had happened.

“I’m tired of being branded as if I’m drunk, if I’m an alcoholic, when I’m not. At the moment when my mother was lying down, I turned around and said to Yuri: ‘How beautiful are your daughter’s eyes, it seems to me that they are the eyes of when I was a child’. It seems to him (Yuri’s husband) and he said: ‘You don’t look like my daughter at all, it’s not true that she has your eyes, it’s not true’, and He said it to me in a very derogatory and very bad way”, He assured.

When the reporters questioned the “Colorina” star if the mess she had starred in was only about publicity and if they had set it up, the artist commented that it was not like that and that she only wanted to deny Yuri when she allegedly said that she had lied to him. Mother.

“Someone was putting Yuri’s interview on me, and I heard when Yuri said that I lied to her mother. I’m not like that, understand me! Never in my life have I mentioned mother to anyone”, He pointed out.

Rodrigo Espinoza, Yuri’s husband since 1995, assured that what Lucia said was false, since if her daughter looked like her when she grows up, it would be a blessing.

“I never, never made fun of his mom. Never, ever, ever, did I yell at him. That I said that I made fun of her for a matter of my daughter, I do not know if they heard that. If my daughter looked like Lucía Méndez, in the future, Glory to God! Because she is a beautiful woman, ”he insisted.

In 2018, Yuri and Lucía Méndez made peace and reconciled, after the jarocha made a phone call to her friend for many years and apologized.

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