Why did cats become pets thanks to rats?

The veneration of cats and the beginning of their treatment as domestic animals began in Egypt. Their owners had to feed them and give them their love and company. In return, They were in charge of taking care of the stored products after the harvest from the attack of other people as well as rats and other animals, something similar to what is currently associated with the “job”Most common of dog.

While in the rural zones They can still be in charge of hunting rodents, the cat is not usually asked to collaborate with the surveillance of the houses or to help with the development of skills of people with disabilities. However, they have managed to continue being present in families.

Also unlike dogs, not so many variations have emerged in what has to do with their functional biotypes as different shapes and length of hair that would allow them adapt to human needs (such as finding drugs or guiding blind people).

The importance of the Egyptian cat

The felines were so prominent in Egypt that they had their own annual celebration, their goddess, Bastet, and even a city, Bubastis. It is that in addition to guarding the fruits of the harvest, they believed that they had the ability to absorb their owners’ illnesses and when the cat passed away, the family would shave their eyebrows as a sign of mourning.

The worship did not end there, since vestiges or records of more than one hundred thousand mummified cats have been found (Although few were maintained over the centuries despite the efforts of thanatologists since later they began to be used as fertilizer for the crops) and thousands of mausoleums and tombs built in his honor.

Dogs and Cats: The New Invaders?

Laura Bean, PhD in Biological Sciences and researcher at the Conicet, pointed out that both dogs and cats that currently exist in Argentina are considered invaders and that they are causing various problems in biodiversity.

They have been taken to different parts of the world as companion animals or for pest control reasons such as rats, which were also not native in many places. They are active predators of a lot of small vertebrate animals. Then today are one of the main causes of biodiversity loss in birds“, explained the expert.

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