Why Danna Paola and Belinda haven’t done anything together yet

In the midst of so many rumors of whether they are friends, enemies, colleagues or admirers of each other, the reality is that, until now, Danna Paola Y Belinda they haven’t done anything together yet.

Although you live speculating on the relationship that exists (or not) between Danna Paola Y Belinda, once and in the middle of a dispute of styles, both posed with the same bodysuit and surprised more than one.

It was also Danna Paola who confirmed that Belinda did not want to collaborate with her. However, he said that, although he refused to accompany her in a song, He also admires her a lot as a professional.

After the appearance with the same “sexy” wardrobe that they shared, the protagonist of Elite spoke and, with laughter, explained that she never had or would have a problem wearing the same clothes as other artists: “Let’s wear it all! There are no exclusivities in things, for the love of God “he confessed to the program Windowing.

SOURCE: The Intransigent

Why haven’t you done anything together yet?

Although that episode of meeting the same wardrobe has already gone down in history, Danna Paola He confessed that it was not the only thing that disunited them. Apparently, Belinda let him know, somehow, that He is not interested in being part of one of his musical projects. In that sense, he also admitted that he is not ill-will and therefore did not take it the wrong way:

“At some point we agreed that we were going to do a song, she said no and I said, ‘Well, perfect.’ It should be noted that, although Danna Paola took it well, this rejection was not expected.

In the same way, she continues to admire Belinda as a singer: “I love her as a woman, I have a lot of admiration for everything she did in her career,” said the Mexican. Beyond their similar styles, the photography together and the rumors of rivalry that may circulate between the singers, the “bad tongues” assure that neither of the 2 wants to share concerts or recordings.

Is it true?

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